Azure Confidential Computing (ACC) instances offer the opportunity to quickly protect any application from insider threats, leveraging Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enabled CPUs and Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves software.

With a single command, Anjuna automatically creates a secure enclave that isolates and encrypts all application resources in Runtime, at rest, and on the network, to achieve the strongest end-to-end data protection available. No changes to the application code or SDKs required.

An attacker that gains control of more than 1/3 of validator nodes can gain the ability to propose, pre-vote, pre-commit or commit illegitimate transactions. Ensuring the integrity and authenticity of each node is important.

Anjuna Enterprise Enclave for Tendermint runs Tendermint nodes inside a secure enclave. This makes it extremely difficult for an attacker to take over a validator node. Because Anjuna integrates attestation into standard TLS authentication, Tendermint network nodes run with no source code modifications and can be easily added to existing Tendermint deployments to boost security.